Coaching Hockey with Todd Bertuzzi

23 Mar Coaching Hockey with Todd Bertuzzi

Coaching Hockey is Easy, If You Set Things Up Right

I believe in preventative measures, setting things up right from the beginning so that things always work out with the fewist kinks possible. Coaching hockey is no different. You have to take the time to set up your season, keeping the type of team you have put together in mind. Coaching hockey successfully involves establishing a yearly plan that puts Volume (frequency) of practice and Intensity (how hard you go) at the forefront in trying to get the players to peak at the right time. It also takes player cohesion and fun into consideration in making sure the players are fresh when it is time to peak.

I was lucky enough to come across Todd Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings before one of his son’s games and hear first hand what his thoughts are about coaching hockey the right way!


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