2023 Summer Break Camp
2024 Vital Hockey Summer Break Camp
@ Vaughan Sports Village
2024 HP Elite Summer Hockey Camp
2024 HP Elite Summer Hockey Camp
@ Paramount Thornhill
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Being out on the ice is great, but being out there this much is just plain silliness!

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It’s been a hot summer so far as Summer Camps are about to start, the Toronto Hockey Season is behind us all, we wish everyone the best whatever your summer plans may be. So our Summer Hockey Camp does have a few spots left. Before you know it cottage time, soccer, baseball & all that dryland training will bleed into the passion of wanting to carve the ice again. Of course be sure to check out our Hockey Store for off ice skills products to stay sharp in the basement or driveway for July, August and beyond.

For the parents who are planning to give their kids that competitive edge going into fall 2018 then enrolling in our 2 or more weeks of our Summer Hockey Camps is the answer! Vital Hockey Skills offers extreme edge-work, strength and agility for forwards and defense in various Hockey Camps at Sports Village in Vaughan, ON – All out of town and Toronto Area Hockey Players are welcome to Register for any of our Hockey Camps.

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Google Reviews

Randy S
Randy S
I have followed Jim and Vital hockey on instagram for many years now and decided to enroll my son into the summer camp from Aug 21 - 24. My son has been to many camps before but said this one was his favorite. He felt that the edge work drills really pushed and challenged him to get better. Vital hockey is very well organized and does a great job dividing the groups into players of equal skill. I would highly recommend Vital hockey to players of any age or skill.
Jenna Vitale
Jenna Vitale
Jim and the Vital Hockey team are simply put - Outstanding! My son started with them barely able to skate, they have taught him not only speed and agility on the ice but quick recovery when falling and immeasurable puck handling abilities. The Vital Hockey team provides unique motivational tactics which has inspired my son to work hard to get the puck, never give up and always be first for every drill and face off! My son looks forward to his classes with Jim and adores him as a role model. We are thankful for so much and recommend Vital Hockey to anyone looking for top of the line hockey instruction and a professional and positive atmosphere for their training hockey players!
Stephen Martino
Stephen Martino
My son went to the summer camps for a few weeks and improved so much in all aspects. Thank you to coaches Jim and Daniel, as well as all the other coaches for their hard work and dedication to the kids.
Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard
Vital hockey school is one of the premier places for hockey training in the GTA. Jim and his team focus on the kids continually, providing correction as needed. I have never seen this level of attention. I definitely will send send my children there again, full five stars!
Anthony Ruffolo
Anthony Ruffolo
Jim and Vital Hockey Skills is THE premier hockey school in the GTA and Ontario. Not only does Jim excel at teaching current and cutting edge skating and hockey skills, he is also a positive role model and mentor for countless young hockey players. Highly recommended!!!
David De Franco
David De Franco
I attended Vital hockey skills camps during their Christmas, March Break, and Summer camps. The attention to detail the instructors showed towards the students was incredible. They gave us advice, tips, and tricks on how to really be the best hockey player out there. I wanted to thank Jim, Daniel, and the entire Vital hockey skills teams for taking my hockey game to another level. I went to the Vital camps for 5 years and I went there not knowing how to skate and get on my edges. I started off in house league when I met Jim and he turned me into a player to being offered to play Jr hockey and being offered to a prep hockey team.
Mitchell Morey
Mitchell Morey
My boys (8 and 10) had a wonderful experience in Vital Hockey's summer camp. We traveled to the area for them to attend and the camp did not disappoint. The team ran the kids through good drills, with close attention and feedback. Jim and his team seemed to get to know the kids even over just the week. My boys said that they had to work hard during the camp but all the work was fun. What else could you want!?!
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis
Had a wonderful experience recently at Vital, thanks to Jim and the team. My kids, aged 5 and 7, had an enjoyable and enriching time at the camp. Not only did they have a blast, but they also found themselves facing exciting challenges. As a parent, I appreciated how they had the chance to forge new friendships, receive guidance from skilled coaches, and witness their skills grow in just a few days. I'm also grateful for the coaching team taking the time to discuss my boys' progress and offer insights into their ongoing development. It was an excellent time with wonderful people, and we're eagerly anticipating next week's session already.
Mickey Bhoy
Mickey Bhoy
Finally after years of following Jim Vital on youtube my son got to meet his hockey coach hero, he certainly wasn't disappointed, he exceeded all expectations, to quote my son " finally I can get crunch on my outside edges" my sons been trying to achieve this for 4 years doing camps all over the UK and Europe, he got this today and much more during a 1 hour session, it pains me to think of the money I could have saved if I'd just brought him straight here to begin with :)
PJ Vocals
PJ Vocals
My son was a beginner when he started with Jim last year and I was looking for a trainer that would help him get up to speed with his age group with respect to his skating, edge work and shooting. After a few months, not only did I notice a huge improvement with his skating and over hockey play, but his love for the game increased tremendously thanks to his skill improving and becoming a different hockey player all together, contributing to his team and scoring goals. Thanks Jim

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