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Philosophy & Mission

At Vital Goaltending, the hybrid style best describes our approach. While there is emphasis on the modern butterfly, we feel it’s OK to make a save standing up, which helps develop stronger puck tracking skills.

We aren’t the first to say this, but it’s true – a goalie is like a giant ever changing puzzle. To help put those pieces together, we will take the time to address each part that you want to learn and improve. Another truth? The goaltender is the most vital position in hockey, so let’s work together to make your game the best it can be.

Goalie Training Toronto

Our Services

Throughout the season, we are available for team practices in the Greater Toronto Area.

Should you be looking to book private/semi-private lessons, or evaluations, we are based out of Emery Training Rinks. No matter the time of year, we will book sessions in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Vital Goaltending has a very strict policy – we will not double book. Once we have made a commitment to you and your team, we will not take any conflicting contracts.

On top of team and private sessions, we do offer seasonal camps during Christmas, March Break, and summer.

Are You a Goalie?

Early on kids rotate through positions to see what they like, but it takes a special kind of person to be a goalie.

The life of the goalie is getting hit by pucks. When you’re just starting out, there will be some tears, but the crazy part is when you start to like it.

Tremendous patience is required when you are just starting out. Goalies may not be the fastest skaters, but can be the most agile and quick. Add the butterfly and stopping shots? Talk about attention to detail.

If you’re ready for this, you might be a goalie.

Coaches & Parents

Some coaches arrive with a plan, stick to it, and then leave…That’s not the case with Vital Goaltending.

Having a lesson plan prior to practice is important, however; based on feedback we will execute practical, game based drills to address the goalies’ needs.

As long as time permits, after a session we like to provide insight on areas that have improved, that require more attention, and to address any questions. We find that this approach helps everyone involved.

Thank you for considering Vital Goaltending, and we look forward to working with you.

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