Leafs OT Loss Game 7

14 May Leafs OT Loss Game 7

Leafs Game 7 OT Loss: Breakdown of the Break Downs

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s easy to point fingers after the fact, remove all emotion and say what went wrong or what SHOULD have happened. Nothing can be taken back and most things after the fact are easier said than done, but still worth a closer look. After all, a loss is completely useless if you can’t learn from it; and in this case as coaches, players and fans, we all can learn a thing or two.

The stage is set, the Leafs are up 4-1 with round 2 in their grasp. Now let’s breakdown the breakdowns…

Boston Comeback Goal 1 Just the Beginning:

Puck behind the net, Leaf winger does great job collapsing low to take extra man in front.










Bruins D Hamilton (#27) should get more credit than he probably did on this goal as he pulls the leaf forward over to open up a seam for the puck to get through.










Kulemin (#41) over skates his coverage and doesn’t stop but does a big turn which puts him out of the scoring lane to block the impending shot.










Boston Comeback Goal 2 Setting the Stage:

Leafs Mcarthur (#16) has a long way to go to get to the point in time to block that shot.











Shot inevitably get through and Gunnarsson blows stick coverage by going over Lucic’s stick instead of getting under it.










Gunnarsson continues on to lose body position and Lucic goes on to do what he does best late in the game when the chips are down!










Boston Comeback Goal 3 Evening it Up:

Another example of the Leafs playing a game of collapse the box. Phaneuf looks like he has the D side of Chara (the eclipse) in front… but does he?











You would think that Chara was covering Phaneuf here wouldn’t you? Chara feeling bad for Reimer gives Phaneuf the business to at least give the leafs some charity and let their tender see the rocket about to come down the pipeline… we all know how that story ended!










Boston OT Goal… The Nail in the Coffin:

Initial walk-out, Sequin leading the charge, has a seam to walk out, Kessel is too puck focused to front the impending point shot.











Seguin gets body position and Kessel realizes he is too late.











The BIG MISTAKE: Both Leaf forwards follow the shot and become too preoccupied with the puck, forgetting Bergeron in the shadows.











Reimer makes the inital stop, but it’s 2 tickets to panic city as Gardiner (#51) swats the puck on the doorstep instead of chipping it into the corner.











All Gardiner can do is watch as Bergeron closes the deal and gets the Bruins to advance into Round 2.










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