Hockey Tryouts: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid Cut This Spring

06 Mar Hockey Tryouts: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid Cut This Spring

Hockey Tryouts: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid Cut Before Trying Out

So you want to get your kid to the next level! Or Maybe you are tired of finishing seasons with a 2-28-1 record and are looking to tag on with one of the top tier teams. It’s a tough situation because you know your kid is unbelieveably skilled and have been there game in and game out to witness all the things he does right, but how do you make a coach who has never seen him believe you?

Hockey Tryouts: How not to Approach Them!

NEVER use the phrase “Not ’cause it’s my kid or anything but…” – Do people thing this phrase actually attracts attention to whatever a person is saying next? Really? Talk about discrediting whatever you have left to say. The minute you utter this, you can just hear the coaches brain say “Uh-huh, not cause it’s your kid at all!”

NEVER, NEVER bad-mouth your son’s current team – There’s no worse way  to approach a hockey tryout  with a new team than to bash where he came from. The minute you do this, most coaches are already alerted to investigate how many team jackets you’ve collected in how many years. There’s no better way to alert a coach to a potential parent that causes internal strife than to bash the current situation and put your kid above it!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send a schedule of his games more than once- Some coaches have great intentions and some  use the “Send me a schedule of his upcoming games” as a way to let a parent down easy! Either way, if you send the schedule of games, there is never any reason to follow up. If you’ve given your phone number to someone you find attractive at a bar and they haven’t called you back, what are they trying to tell you? A hockey tryout situation is no different! If a coach really wants to make it a priority to watch one of the games, HE WILL! Either way, never sit back and wait for a coach to call back. I use the 6 day rule: 6 days with no contact = no interest.

Hockey Tryouts: How to Not Look Like an Insane Parent

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send a resume – Nothing says I’m a nut-bar than a 3 page resume outlining EVERYTHING your kid does right out there. Most qualified coaches can make those decisions themselves, and if you don’ t think so, then why are you asking to bring your kid there in the first place. What a way to get on the coaches good side right off the bat than to insult their intelligence!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send a video – Honestly, you might as well walk around the rink with a blinking sign on your forehead saying “I’m a raving lunatic”! A video? For real there mom and dad? The fact that you would take the time (or better yet pay someone) to put your 9 year old son’s games clips to Megadeth or Pantera says a lot about your parenting outlook… PSYCHO!!!!

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