Player Safety Against Concussions

05 Dec Player Safety Against Concussions

With all the media hype about concussions these days, it’s amazing you still see hits like this even taking place in the big leagues


It is just brutal to think that people have to show up to a job (remember pro hockey players go to WORK everyday and put their equipment on as a means of supporting themselves and their families) with the risk of getting hurt becaused of negligence! Imagine a teacher having to show up to a day at school not knowing whether they may get pushed down the stairs from behind by a colleague? Ridiculous thought right? Well so is the fact that a guy has to leave a game not remembering his name because someone decides to leave their feet and aim for their head, when all they should be doing is trying to separate man from puck!

With all the money spent from the neck down on the game today, parents might want to consider spending a bit from the neck up, that’s right on the head! Introducing, Fred Nykamp and Battle Sports Science, a company that has developed Battle Smart, an impact indicating device built into the chin piece of a helmet. With a built in accelerometer, the microsensor is capable of signalling any hit over 240 HICs (Head Injury Criterion), making the green light, turn to red. Will it directly diagnose a concussion? No, but it points to a high probability, and gives trainers a heads up that there may be more than meets the eye! As Fred says, the product helps to “Reveal the invisible injury”. Check out this weeks Vital Hockey 20 and hear what Fred has to say about this amazing product!


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