Passing Properly: Don’t Telegraph

26 Jan Passing Properly: Don’t Telegraph

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Passing Properly Prolongs Careers

Passing Incorrectly Spells


What’s the big deal about passing anyway?

We all remember being tyke hockey players and having our coach in skin tight jeans barking at us to give the passer a target. Those of us fortunate enough to have a somewhat knowledgeable coach also remember repeating drills over and over again whenever we didn’t use our backhands when we should have… for a great reason.

Passing incorrectly is one of the biggest risk factors in the game today!

3 Reasons Why Passing Properly Prolongs Career (Say that 5 times fast!)

1) Risk of being picked off- that’s right showing forehand when you can easily make a little lateral chip to a teammate tells everyone in the rink “Hey. I’m going to pass the puck right now!” Nothing like doing that in front of a hungry Brian Marchand huh Tyler Myers? Check out this pic


Tyler is trying to move the puck to his right winger and Marchand is right there to thank him for making it obvious An Overhead view shows just how obvious the pas really was! Its almost ironic that later on Horton uses the forehand to “fake-telegraph” a pass so that he can bury it past Miller unexpectedly. This is a general rule of thumb: When you have the puck, never show forehand

unless you are trying to fake a pass and are really going to shoot!

2) Passing the wrong way, opens you up to potential injury

If we go back  to Horton’s goal for a second, let’s imagine he didn’t fake the D out of his pants and that he actually stayed in position. You can only imagine the new “Horton” board advertising if the D were to suddenly put on the breaks and step for a hit while Nathan was in that vulnerable position?

3) Your options are limited

Once you have the puck cocked in a forehand position, there is no return. There is absolutely no way of getting out of it. either dish to that side or shoot, but you’ll never be able to move it up ice the other way.

There you have it kids, lesson of the day: You got a backhand? Use it! Passing? Don’t Telegraph!

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