Christmas Camps

15 Dec Christmas Camps

7 Tips for a Successful Christmas Camp


Work your hardest – Most camps are only about 8-10 hours long, give it everything you got! The harder you work during a Christmas camp the more successful your second half of the season will be.

Pay attention to details – A lot of kids get really excited about doing a drill, that they often stop listening a few seconds into the explanation. Even if you have already done a similar drill, listen to the very end because the instructor may give it a twist or add some really cool tips!

Do EXACTLY what you are told – Try to imitate the demonstrations as best as you can.  It’s usually the smallest details that lead to the biggest improvements!

Don’t just DO the drills, ATTACK them! – Intensity is everything; doing the drills half speed will not help your game at all. Practice like you play really means: Practice soft, play soft!

Come Prepared – Check your bag before you leave, bring your water bottle and bring snacks to eat in between floods (be careful about dressing room food allergies)

Ask Questions – Most camps have a 1:5/1:6 student: instructor ratio. That means there are a lot of opportunities to ask for help. Don’t be shy, pull aside your favorite instructor and ask away!

Wear the right Jersey – If the camp gives you a jersey, wear it! There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a player come out onto the ice wearing a competing camp’s jersey. Not a great way to get on an instructor’s good side!

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