07 Feb Coaching Hockey

Coaching hockey isn't easy!Getting a minor hockey team to buy into a "Passing Team Concept" based on puck movement can be nearly impossible!  It's especially hard when a team  is in the upper tier and made up of the better players in the league. Every parent...

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16 Jan Shooting Effectively

Shooting: Why One-Legged Shots Never WorkOne of the worst habits I see in hockey, are players blistering down the boards, getting ready to shoot and doing the old "Dog Peeing on a Hydrant" pose. Shooting with one leg up in the air, leaning away from...

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15 Dec Christmas Camps

7 Tips for a Successful Christmas CampDo:Work your hardest – Most camps are only about 8-10 hours long, give it everything you got! The harder you work during a Christmas camp the more successful your second half of the season will be.Pay attention to details...

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