29 Oct Power Skating

Power Skating: Myth or Urban LegendYou really can't go into a rink now a days without hearing the phrases Power Skating, Professional Power Skater, European Power Skating techniques etc. etc. Are they just smoke and mirrors, so widely abused that they are on their way to...

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Hockey Camp Coach Yelling

28 Oct Hockey Camps

Hockey Camps: 5 Tips to Selecting the Right Christmas Camp for Your KidWith Christmas a few months away, your email inboxes should start to become innundated with hockey school brochures any day now! With great options comes great responsibility! How do you know which hockey...

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16 Sep Igor Korolev

Igor Korolev and KHL Lokomotiv Team TragedyUsually we do a more up-beat and information based blog, but this one is a more somber note with regards to theYak-42 jet that crashed into the Volga river 240 kms Northeast of Moscow Wednesday. As most people following...

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