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23 May Peewee to Bantam Hockey

Peewee to Bantam: 5 Important Transitional Game Changers When going from peewee to bantam hockey, every parent must be aware that:1) Anticipation leads to success- Time and again you hear coaches say "the older you get, the smaller the rinks get". This sage advice extends beyond...

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23 Apr Atom to PeeWee

Atom to Peewee: Top 5 Important Game ChangersWhen going from atom to peewee hockey, every parent must be aware that:1) Heads up hockey is a top priority- The main way to assure a healthy and long playing career in hockey is to assure that your head...

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16 Jan Shooting Effectively

Shooting: Why One-Legged Shots Never WorkOne of the worst habits I see in hockey, are players blistering down the boards, getting ready to shoot and doing the old "Dog Peeing on a Hydrant" pose. Shooting with one leg up in the air, leaning away from...

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